What is colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic or bowel irrigation, is a form of body cleansing. It was used as a natural therapy in ancient Egypt, Greece and India, and was introduced to the Western World around the 19th Century.

Clinic Indulge offer holistic, safe and gentle colonic hydrotherapy by qualified colonic hydrotherapists. You can purchase 1, 2 or 6 colonic sessions at once - and if you buy the 6 Colonics Vitality Card - you're only paying for 5 colonics (get one free!)

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Colonic Hydrotherapy
Clinic Indulge colonic hydrotherapy treatment is state of the art - the Rolls Royce of colon cleanse detoxification...

Who can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy?

Many people can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy including:
  • athletes looking to improve metabolic efficiency and performance
  • anyone who is going through a period of life-style change or fasting
  • those who can’t lose weight - some people achieve or maintain weight loss with regular colonics
  • immune compromised people e.g lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis or chronic fatigue
  • those who suffer from a myriad of conditions including:
    • constipation or diarrhoea
    • bloating/discomfort after eating/indigestion/smelly gas
    • haemorrhoids
    • diverticulitis, colitis or IBS
    • skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingles, and eczema
    • lower back pain, joint pain, or many other types of pain
    • allergies, cravings or Candida overgrowth
Colonics can:
  • cleanse and rejuvenate the colon
  • exercise and improve colon muscle tone
  • reshape the colon
  • stimulate the reflex points on the colon

What is the procedure for the colonic session?

The procedure involves filtered, temperature-regulated water being introduced into the colon through a pencil thin plastic disposable tube. After the waste material of the colon is softened and loosened, it is evacuated. Clinic Indulge uses a superior "open system” so there is no offensive smell or mess to worry about. The treatment usually lasts approx 30 - 45 minutes and your modesty is protected throughout the process.

Does a colonic hurt?

Colonics are usually painless. In fact many people report their colonic hydrotherapy sessions as being both refreshing and relaxing. However some discomfort may be experience due to constipation, some form of obstruction, excess flatulence (gases) and occasional cramping from the release of faecal matter or toxins. Talk to your colonic therapist if you have any concerns.

How many colonic sessions do I need?

The number of colonic sessions depends on your individual needs. Initially, 3 to 12 sessions are recommended especially if you have never had a complete colon cleanse, but the number is affected by how a person responds to the first few sessions. Age, previous dietary and exercise patterns, activities and emotional state are all factors.

Once you have done a complete colon cleanse, the rule of thumb is once every 4-6 weeks, then a series of 2-3 every change in seasons. Someone coming in for a regular preventative maintenance would obviously need far fewer sessions than someone with severe gastro-intestinal problems.

Who performs colonic hydrotherapy?

Professional registered therapists are committed to set the standard in the field of colonic hydrotherapy. Clinic Indulge is a modern, state of the art facility and your satisfaction with the service offered is the number one priority. You will find the environment comfortable, relaxing and highly sanitary and there are both male and female colonic hydrotherapists available.

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